What are the top five glass brands in China?

Top five glass brands in China.

1. Xinyi Glass

Founded in 1988, comprehensive glass manufacturer, mainly produces and sells float glass, automotive glass, building energy-saving glass and other products.

The company focuses on the research and development of energy-saving and environmental protection products, and has successively developed new energy-saving and environmental protection products such as temperable and hot-bending LOW-E glass, SOLAR-X heat-reflective automotive glass, and developed HUD glass, waterproof glass, photocatalyst glass, super high penetration resistance high-speed train glass and other new products.

2. Gold crystal glass

Founded in 1904, well-known glass manufacturers, pioneers of ultra-white glass products, and enterprises focusing on the development, production and processing of glass, soda ash and their extended products. In terms of product quality, Jinjing Group pursues the organic integration of function and beauty, the natural connection of environmental protection and safety, the harmony and unity of performance and appearance, and the perfect combination of fashion and practicality.

3. Fuyao Glass

Founded in 1987, it is a well-known supplier of OEM supporting services and complete solutions for automotive glass, focusing on a large multinational group in the field of automotive safety glass and industrial technology glass.
Since its establishment, Fuyao Group has been committed to making its own piece of high-quality glass for Chinese, playing a supporting role in the automotive industry, adhering to the core values of “diligence, simplicity, learning and innovation”, and adhering to the strategic route of independence, application research and development, openness and inclusiveness.

4. CSG glass

Established in 1984, an earlier manufacturer of low-emissivity energy-saving glass, specializing in the production and sales of float glass and engineering glass, solar glass and silicon materials, photovoltaic modules and other renewable energy products. CSG Group is allowing the world to experience CSG technology and enjoy quality life.

5. Lobo glass

Founded in 1956, China National Building Materials Group, a large float glass manufacturing and glass deep processing base, a large-scale enterprise group integrating scientific research and development, production and operation, import and export trade, etc.
Luobo is a national float glass production enterprise, mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of float glass, technical services, the company has the core technology of float glass production and a number of independent intellectual property rights, in the ultra-thin, ultra-white ultra-thin glass production technology in an important position.

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